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The Last Bloodcarver Duology

The Last Bloodcarver, Book 1

A pulse-pounding new YA fantasy in which “you’ll gasp, you’ll scream, you’ll cry, and you’ll be begging for the next book.” (Chloe Gong, #1 New York Times-bestselling author of These Violent Delights) Nhika is a bloodcarver. A coldhearted, ruthless being who can alter human biology with just a touch. In the industrial city of Theumas, Nhika is seen not as a healer, but a monster that kills for pleasure. And in the city’s criminal underbelly, the rarest of monsters are traded for gold. When Nhika is finally caught by the infamous Butchers, she’s forced to heal the last witness to a high-profile murder. As Nhika delves into the investigation, all signs point to Ven Kochin, an alluring yet entitled physician’s aide. Despite his relentless attempts to push her out of his opulent world, something inexplicable draws Nhika to him. But when she discovers Kochin is not who he claims to be, Nhika will be faced with a greater, more terrifying evil lurking in the city’s center… Her only chance to survive lies in a terrible choice―become the dreaded monster the city fears, or risk jeopardizing the future of her kind. Cinder meets Divine Rivals in Vanessa Le’s The Last Bloodcarver, the first in a two-book debut – with a riveting medical magic system and lush Vietnam-inspired fantasy world.

His Mortal Demise, Book 2

These Violent Delights meets Divine Rivals in the explosive finale to The Last Bloodcarver duology — with a riveting medical magic system and lush Vietnam-inspired romantasy world. Kochin is a heartsooth — a rare being with the ability to heal any wound. Any wound, that is, except death. Intent on defying nature and bringing Nhika back to life, Kochin keeps her body in a life-preserving casket and waits for a miracle. Stricken with grief and descending into madness, Kochin realizes the answer to his desperate quest can only lie in one place: Yarong, the lush yet battle-ridden island the first heartsooths called home. Months later, Nhika wakes in a familiar manor-house, with Kochin nowhere to be found. As she traces his footsteps across Theumas, she discovers the haunting path he walked to bring her back, and a world changed by war. When Kochin discovers the true and grisly way to resurrect a person from the grave, he must decide exactly how much he is willing to sacrifice, in order to reunite with the woman he loves… Don’t miss this stunning dual-POV follow up to THE LAST BLOODCARVER, where morals will be tested, hearts pushed to the limit, and fates determined once and for all. Vanessa Le’s jaw-dropping sequel is a bloody and luscious spectacle to be devoured in one sitting.