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2025 BIPOC Book Releases to Add to Your Reading List

Preordering books helps BIPOC authors place on bestseller lists like the NYT bestseller list. It tells the publishing industry that books written and illustrated by POC matter and the readership for them isn’t a trend.

Looking for BIPOC authors to pre-order and add to your bookshelves in 2025? Here are books written by Black, Indigenous, and POC authors and illustrators so you can preorder and support BIPOC authors!

His Mortal Demise, Book 2

These Violent Delights meets Divine Rivals in the explosive finale to The Last Bloodcarver duology — with a riveting medical magic system and lush Vietnam-inspired romantasy world. Kochin is a heartsooth — a rare being with the ability to heal any wound. Any wound, that is, except death. Intent on defying nature and bringing Nhika back to life, Kochin keeps her body in a life-preserving casket and waits for a miracle. Stricken with grief and descending into madness, Kochin realizes the answer to