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Werk Your Net: Bridging the Gap in Our Networks

Werk Your Net: Bridging the Gap in Our Networks

While anyone can make achieve success, the reality is not everyone has equitable access to the necessary tools to reach it. This stems from an inequity rooted in our networks. Vismale’s WERK YOUR NET is a book dedicated to bridging this gap by empowering young people from marginalized communities to build their network and net-worth and helping industry leaders learn how to find, assess, and be more inclusive to diverse candidates.

Everyone knows something you don’t. When we limit our conversations and interactions, we limit our opportunities, resources, our imagination of what is even possible, and ultimately we limit ourselves.

Werk Your Net gives a guide for how to talk to anyone and accomplish your goals by answering the following questions:

  • How do you find people to reach out to if you don’t know where they are?
  • How can you have a meaningful conversation with anyone?
  • How can we increase opportunity for marginalized communities?

Book Details

Publisher: New Degree Press
Publish Date: June 21, 2021
ISBN: 9781636766447
Language: English

About the Author

Yasna Vismale (she/hers) is from Seattle, Washington. She is the child of a mother who immigrated from Japan and to her father who is of Afro-Caribbean descent. Growing up biracial, moving around neighborhoods, and being low income, she had to be creative in building long lasting friendships with her peers, teachers in a limited amount of time and because she did not come from the same backgrounds as them.

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