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The Problem Solving Machine

The Problem Solving Machine

Solving problems is what eight-year-old Terysa loves to do. So, when both she and her sister Kelia both have big math competitions coming up, can Terysa find a solution that will help them both? Luckily, no problem is too big for Terysa. So, with a little help from Kelia, she comes up with a plan to write an app to submit her math homework.

Who knew that the computer could do math? Together, Kelia and Terysa learn how to code in Python to create a multiplication machine that prints out times tables! But can the times-table machine also help Kelia with her big quiz bowl competition? Will their team be fast enough to win the top prize? And what will Terysa’s teacher, Mrs. Boxie, think of the problem-solving machine that Terysa has built?

Book Details

Publisher: Xoxoterysa
Publish Date: June 5, 2023
ISBN: 9781957199993
Language: English

About the Author

Terysa Ridgeway is a Technical Program Manager at Google. Before that, Terysa was a rocket scientist developing code for Exoatmospheric Spacecraft!

Terysa holds Computer Science and Mathematics degrees from Southern University and A&M College, and was recently accepted into Stanford University’s Executive Education LEAD program.

Terysa is inspired to write by her insanely vivid dreams, stories from her children’s ‘out of this world’ imagination, and by seeing brilliant young minds at work.

Terysa lives with her supportive husband and their four children, a creative ten-year-old, a nine-year-old aspiring author and songwriter, an inquisitive three-year-old, and an energetic two-year-old.

Terysa believes that when it comes to learning, with the right support, the sky is the limit!

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