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One Story, One Song

One Story, One Song

A collection of warm, wise and inspiring stories from the author of One Native Life.

In One Story, One Song, Richard Wagamese explores the importance of stories: how they shape us, how they empower us, how they change our lives. Ancient and contemporary, cultural and spiritual, funny and sad, the tales are grouped according to the four essential principles Ojibway traditional teachers sought to impart: humility, trust, introspection and wisdom.

Whether the topic is learning from his grade five teacher about Martin Luther King, gleaning understanding from a wolf track, lighting a fire for the first time without matches or finding the universe in an eagle feather, these stories exhibit the warmth, wisdom and generosity that made One Native Life so popular. As always, in these pages, the land serves as Wagamese’s guide.

And as always, he finds that true home means not only community but conversation — good, straight-hearted talk about important things. We all need to tell our stories, he says. Every voice matters.

Book Details

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre
Publish Date: April 1, 2011
ISBN: 9781553655060
Language: English

About the Author

Richard Wagamese (1955–2017) was one of Canada’s foremost writers, and one of the leading indigenous writers in North America. He was the author of several acclaimed memoirs and more than a dozen novels. He won numerous awards and honors for his writing, including the People’s Choice winner of the national Canada Reads competition in 2013, for Indian Horse.

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